Thami Kwazi
Lifestyle Print Editor
4 minute read
22 Mar 2021
2:10 pm

New Defender gets street and bush cred nod

Thami Kwazi

The manufactures have maintained that rough appeal, that loyalists to the Defender brand would possibly look for.

So, can a Land Rover Defender work as a daily city car? Most definitely – no questions asked. Photo: Land Rover South Africa

Driving around in the new Land Rover Defender is like riding around on a rainbow with a large pot of gold at the end. There are endless discoveries to be made, mostly inside the vehicle. Purists like to refer to this vehicle as only being for off-road and long-distance trips – an adventure car for the “Great Unexplored”. That’s what its predecessor was. Yet, does that myth apply to the new Defender? That was my job to find out. And let me say: Myth Busted. It isn’t as visually sexy as other Land Rovers (read Range Rovers mainly). It’s boxy...