Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
28 Jul 2021
4:18 am

Is this delayed election saving the ANC?

Cliff Buchler

I the election was to happen now, the ANC might not be in a position to easily repeat a Schabir Shaik move with Jacob.

(From Left) Ace Magashule, former ANC President Jacob Zuma, ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa and Paul Mashatile toast in celebration following the delivery of the party's Election Manifesto at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Saturday, 12 January 2019. Picture: Gallo Images

My high hopes of Jacob Zuma confessing to his filching faults and refilling the vaults with monies which could be used supporting the current wonky economy turn out to be pipe dreams. I blame it on the Electoral Commission of South Africa for resolutely wanting to postpone the municipal elections. It has involuntarily further bolstered a slippery customer who, for 15 years, has played silly buggers with the courts (with covert support from the ANC). Here’s the thing, if the election was to happen now with the ruling party at its most vulnerable and the electorate showing its displeasure, it...