Isaac Mashaba
4 minute read
12 Jan 2022
5:30 am

Coalitions: Only way to overcome government’s ‘f**k the people’ policy

Isaac Mashaba

Coalitions must understand the need to put aside party difference and fix what is broken, writes Isaac Mashaba.

Tshwane executive mayor Randall Williams on Tuesday announced his mayoral committee after the DA reached a multi-party agreement with its coalition partners. Picture: @CityTshwane/Twitter

South Africa has entered a period where coalition politics may just be our national saviour and redirect us on a trajectory of progress and prosperity. A coalition government is usually the result of different political parties coming together to cooperate in the administration and regulation of a country. This type of situation typically happens in times of great crisis such as a war. In our situation, a coalition is essential as we have experienced an unprecedented political meltdown in the current administration and the associated instability it has brought to our daily lives, our economy, our security, and our country....