Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
15 Jan 2022
7:50 am

Party Funding Act – is this the kind of transparency SA needs?

Richard Anthony Chemaly

It’s annoying to dodge potholes on the way to the golf course only to get there and see the mayor playing a full 18 and leaving in a state vehicle.

With roads crumbling, water supply questionable and basic services just lacking, I guess we should be happy that the street lights work. Photo for illustration: Bega

Democratic activists hailed the Political Party Funding Act that came into operation last year. Sure, in theory, it’s pretty nifty to know who’s funding the people we vote for. It’s probably also a step in the right theoretical direction. At the end of it all, I’m still left thinking, erm, so, like, okay, so what? Of course, we’ll ignore the near 400 parties that didn’t respond to the requirements. It’s not like anybody really cares who’s funding a party that can’t scrape together 1 000 votes.  But do we really care who’s funding the big kids either? Sure, it’s interesting...