Danie Toerien
2 minute read
12 Apr 2022
8:32 am

Pothole was becoming a local tourist attraction

Danie Toerien

By now, people were stopping and taking selfies with the hole.

A general view of a road with potholes in Matzikama, South Africa. Picture: Gallo Images/Rapport/Edrea du Toit

The most important issue in my neighbourhood the last couple of weeks, has been the pothole down the street. This I discovered thanks to joining a community WhatsApp group – probably the most enlightening experience of my life. The pothole started out as a little divot, but no sooner had appeared when it made the headline news on the group. Someone posted a warning, complete with an SOS icon, a danger sign and goodness knows what other emojis, as well as a picture of the divot and a location pin. ALSO READ: JMPD officers commended for filling massive pothole to...