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7 Jun 2022
7:46 am

Berkssie – the best friend we ever had

Editorial staff

Even those who never met or heard him hear his echoes in radio to this day.

John Berks (right and inset) with legendary broadcaster Larry King in the 702 studios. Pictures: Supplied

John Berks was the forerunner for many radio wannabes in South Africa and a mentor to others. He transitioned from music DJ to talk show host with effortless style. And he inspired the likes of Jeremy Mansfield – whose on air warmth and sardonic humour were an offbeat offset of Berkssie’s, while other one-dimensional curtain tricks of the likes of Darren Simpson, for example, trod in the footsteps of the original Berks prank call. Both Mansfield and Simpson were hugely successful in their own right. Others, like shock jock Mark Gilmann, missed the plot entirely. Yelling down a microphone in...