Editorial staff
1 minute read
9 Jun 2022
7:31 am

Boxing is as brutal as our society

Editorial staff

Is it worth the risk to life or the risk of permanent brain damage?

Boxer Simiso Buthelezi has died following a fight in Durban on Sunday. Picture: SABC Sport

There will be those who point out – following the death of South African lightweight boxer Simiso Buthelezi this week – that fatalities in the sport are rare. And, even then, Buthelezi would have known about those slight risks. The last footage of Buthelezi was, though, sad. It showed him staggering around the ring, trying to throw punches at the referee and not his opponent. The fight was stopped instantly when that happened and he was taken to hospital and placed into an induced coma because of bleeding on the brain. We can’t help but wonder, after this tragically unnecessary...