Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
18 Jun 2022
7:45 am

#MeToo: A true story

Carine Hartman

I’m fine. But I’m not. I cry for three days – and finally broke during a press round.

Woman hiding her face and showing stop gesture. Picture: iStock

"Where is my story? You said it’s in this month’s prison issue?” I can’t find it, look up from the magazine – and stare straight at his red dick. I burst out laughing. I’m sitting in some hall filled with stuffy chairs at a maximum security prison only because he promised me I was published. I get yanked out of my chair. I still laugh. “Silly man. Let go. I know we’ve worked together the past week on the movie shot in your hallowed halls, but can’t say I’ve noticed you that way.” ALSO READ: ‘Real men’, it’s up to...