Editorial staff
1 minute read
29 Jul 2022
5:30 am

Let ranger Anton Mzimba’s death not be in vain

Editorial staff

No lesser a figure than Prince William has saluted Mzimba, whom he met last year.

Anton Mzimba. Picture: Timbavati Nature Reserve

In a country wracked daily by murder and death, sometimes one is tempted to wonder whether one more killing actually means anything. Yet, when 42-year-old Anton Mzimba died, a little part of South Africa died with him. The courageous, knowledgeable and likeable game ranger was gunned down on Tuesday after he and others in antipoaching units in the Timbavati reserve, abutting Kruger National Park, had received death threats. His murder has brought into sharp focus the brutal and unrelenting war on the rhino populations of our country, which are in danger of being pushed to extinction. ALSO READ: Watch: Dogs...