The stages of Orlando, Florida beckon for Curro Aurora learner

SUNDOWNER – Art becomes life for school girl with big dreams of stardom.

How does one bottle up talent?

You don’t, you let it come to life on stages local and abroad. Wandifadza Zharare (14), will head to Orlando, Florida in the USA where she will perform at Arts International hoping to charm international scouts.

The young songstress who is inspired by artists such as Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, will head to the United States in July after she stunned judges at the Joburg auditions of the International Arts Talent Showcase last year, where she not only sang but performed a monologue too.

Wandifadza will perform for Disney and Atlantic Records as well as various modelling agencies. “I hope to really impress Disney and Atlantic Records,” she said.

The Curro Aurora learner, who is part of Just You model and artist management, said her love for music led her straight to acting and singing.

“I like singing more because I find it as a way to let out energy. As a child, I never realised how much I sang until my mum pointed it out to me and asked why I was always singing.”

From when she was about nine years old, Wandifadza knew that she just wanted to sing. That coupled with the fact that she loved how her idols looked so glamorous on stage made her realise she wanted to be part of this world.

“As I got older I realised that through music and acting you could tell a story.”

Her mother, Nyengeterai said, “It is something she enjoys and she is talented so this is something we are very willing to support. We want to do what we can to let our children figure what it is they want to be.”

Wandifadza wants to be able to affect people positively because as she said, “There is a song for everything.”

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