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Start your week with a Victorian-era Sci-Fi adventure, learn more about how animals use colour to survive and thrive in the wild and head over to Mamanuca Islands in Fiji to see what 18 castaways gets up to.

On August 3, 1896, a mysterious event takes place in London, turning a seemingly random group of people from ordinary citizens into a superpowered subgroup that becomes known as “the touched.” What the touched do with their newfound abilities, and how society reacts to them, is the basis for HBO’s six-part series, The Nevers S1, which will premiere today on Showmax.


In a stunning new three-part series, David Attenborough travels the world from the rainforests of Costa Rica to the snowy Scottish Highlands to reveal the extraordinary and never-before-seen ways animals use colour. Using revolutionary camera technology created specifically for this series, viewers will experience how colours invisible to the human eye play a vital role in animal interactions. From the seemingly magical ultraviolet signals on a butterfly’s wings to the surprising yet crucial purpose behind a Bengal tiger’s stripes, a hidden world of colour is waiting to be discovered. Life in Colour with David Attenborough premieres on April 22, which is also Earth Day, on Netflix.


Healers vs. Hustlers is the 35th season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. This season featured 18 new players divided into three tribes based on a dominant perceived trait: Heroes (courage), Healers (compassion), and Hustlers (tenacity). Catch it on SABC 3 at 7:30pm.


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