Create driver awareness and active effort against parking lot collisions

"It is generally accepted that parking lot collisions account for 60% of crashes in the USA," said the CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert. "This may well apply in South Africa also."

Downtime within every fleet can be extremely costly and all efforts should be made to reduce it. Herbert offered the following suggestions to eliminate or reduce these parking lot accidents:

Inattention and rushing
Delivery schedules can be demanding, requiring drivers to rush. “Use proper and realistic planning to ensure your drivers are not pressurised and rushed. Additionally, these demands can cause drivers to be distracted. Ensure you have a policy that teaches drivers to focus on one task at a time and use technology to help manage these distractions.”

Ensure your driver training includes parking lots. “Practice exercises such as cone drills. Intentionally use cones to make a practice parking spot too small or inadequate to park in. This will teach drivers when to identify a risky parking spot and when to rather look for another.”

Check, check, check
Teach drivers to get out and double-check. “Get out and inspect your surroundings as much as needed. This is particularly important when manoeuvring into tight or difficult parking spots if other options are unavailable. It is also faster to get out and check than what it is to hit something.”

Driving assistant
Part of the training and checking rules should include using driving assistants. “If you have two employees driving together, both should be trained in this role. They should get out of the vehicle and keep an eye on obstacles as the vehicle reverses into a spot. Making the driver and assistant equally responsible for collisions encourages due attention to be given to this rule.”

Do not rely on technology alone
Reverse cameras can be useful in assisting with reversing. “This technology, however, should not be solely relied on. Their type, quality and various other factors affect their effectiveness. Reverse cameras can also miss certain objects such as cylindrical objects or hazards outside of their range.”

Where possible, avoid parking areas fraught with opportunities for accidents. “Proper planning will help drivers avoid parking lots at their busiest times or select quieter petrol stations for refuels.”

Incentive programmes
Some organisations find incentivisation effective. “Awarding drivers with the best safety records can provide the motivation to make all of these tips second nature.

Current economic conditions created an increased demand for delivery services. This has also increased the risk of these types of accidents. It needs to be managed or else it will add to bottom-line expenses.

Source: MotorPress

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