Three fabulous reads

If you feel like unwinding with a few good books, then here's what we recommend...

Where The Grass Is Green by the fabulous Lauren Weisberger (author of The Devil Wears Prada) revolves around Peyton, a high-profile anchor for a morning news programme, who’s an American darling and can do no wrong. Until her husband is arrested. The charge? Admissions fraud … a payment  (read bribe) to get their daughter into the best college. Off go Peyton and her daughter to hide out with her sister in the suburbs, hoping that the scandal will die down. It’s all glamour, and gossip and a sensationally enjoyable read. Harper Collins, available from Exclusive Books

Jodi Picoult’s Wish You We’re Here is all about how life happens when you are making other plans. In 29-year-old Diana’s case that involves a promotion and flying off to an exotic island in the Pacific, where she knows her surgeon boyfriend is going to propose (hint, boys, don’t hide the ring in the sock drawer).  But … Life! And Covid! Half way through this book you’re hit with a massive twist, and then they just keep coming. We must admit we went off Jodi for a while, but we’re back to being fans with this one … loved it. Hodder & Stoughton

To Italy With Love by Nicky Pellegrino is another lovely, light, book club read. Two women – both with not-the-best love history – meet in a romantic mountain town of in Italy.  Where – obvs – Italian men do their romantic thing and love wins! Warning … you’ll be starving by the end of this one … page after page of mouthwatering desciptions of Italian food the two prepare.  Orion, available from Exclusive Books

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