Five hot travel trends that you need in your life

Pack your suitcase and get your passport ready…we’re off to see the world! 

We love a bit of travel…actually, that’s a lie, we love a lot of travelling and this year is all about seeing the world, gathering new experiences, making memories and leaving behind nothing but good vibes.

To make the most of this year’s travel opportunities, we’ve gathered the top five travelling trends to point you in the right direction when you’re planning your next getaway. Let’s go:


  • Make the most of work and play

Whether you work remotely or follow a hybrid model, the post-pandemic professional world has changed significantly, and it can do wonders for your travelling, if you work it right. The pandemic has not only taught us that working from home can have major benefits, it’s also highlighted the importance of face-to-face connections, which means travelling for work is on the increase. In fact, 85% of business travelers are excited to travel for work, with millennials (45%) and Gen Zs (40%) being the most likely to be traveling for work this year, according to Expedia Group’s Traveler Value Index 2023. Plan your trips carefully to combine work and play and make the most of your workcation.  


  • It’s all about the experience 

Experiential tourism focuses on experiencing a country, city or particular place by actively and meaningfully engaging with its history, people, culture, food and environment. The focus is on elevating your travel experience on an emotional level, investing in experiences rather than buying dust collectors. When you are planning your next holiday, make sure to check what attractions, tours and activities are available in the region. If you are staying at one of the Radisson Hotel Group properties, have a look at their Radisson Rewards programme that offers stand-out benefits, complimentary upgrades, and exclusive experiences.

  • Invite the whole family 

Life in lockdown has taught us the importance of family and having your people around you. This has brought on a rise in multigenerational travel, meaning grandparents, parents and children are all going on holiday together…and we love that idea! 


  • Always time for wellness spoils

Holidays are all about relaxing and what better way to get rid of all that tension and stress than by investing in some much-deserved wellness…hello spa day! Besides enjoying a soothing massage or a facial, you want to look into a yoga session, meditation moment or hire a bicycle and enjoy some fresh air to help clear your head.


  • It’s all about sustainability 

While most travellers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainability and their impact on the environment, no generation is as conscious of this fact as the Gen Zs. The need for the tourism industry to operate sustainably is a sentiment that has resonated with many travellers, with individuals increasingly seeking out environmentally-friendly destinations. 

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