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Commuters express their views on Tshwane BRT

Commuters seem to be excited about the new BRT services that will be in operation soon. Many claim that the public transport currently available is expensive.

Most commuters are excited about A Re Yeng, the Tshwane Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system which will be implemented soon. Line 2A, from the Central Business District (CBD) to Hatfield, will be ready by April next year, while Line 1A, from the CBD to the Rainbow Junction Terminal in the north, will be ready later.

Commuters believe that A Re Yeng will save them transport costs and give them access to reliable public transport.

They said they currently paid high prices for existing public transport. A Re Yeng will not be interrupting Pretoria’s heavy traffic at any time of the day, as the buses will have dedicated lanes in which to travel.

A number of commuters still did not know much about the new service and some even confused them with Rea Vaya. Rea Vaya is the Johannesburg BRT and A Re Yeng is the Tshwane BRT.

To keep commuters informed, the Tshwane metro took to the street in the inner city last Friday to hand out free T-shirts, caps and booklets with detailed information about the Bus Rapid Transit system.

This was also part of the metro’s support of national Car-free day, which is celebrated on 20 October. Watch the following video clip to see what commuters had to say:

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