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Police searching for three missing kids

Police are still searching for three primary school children after they disappeared in Mamelodi East on Monday evening, police told Rekord.

Police are still searching for three children after they disappeared in Mamelodi East on Monday evening. According to police, the children, aged 9 and 10 years, were last seen by their parents on Monday afternoon.

“On Wednesday morning the police dog unit, the social rescue team, the fire brigade as well as the Tshwane metropolice joined in the search. We searched in a water drain pipe near the Rethabile sports ground. The search is currently called off but we shall continue on Thursday,” said police spokesperson, Captain Johannes Maheso.

The children, Neo Setlhabane (10), Gomolemo Mangena (10) and Bonolo Malemela (9), were last seen on Monday when they came home from school to change into their home clothes. They then went to play near a church opposite the Rethabile sports ground, but the parents were worried when they did not return to home in the evening. “The parents thought they might be caught in the rain but once the rain stopped, the children were still nowhere to be seen,” said Maheso.

A missing person case was opened at the Mamelodi East police station, where the police immediately started to search for the children. “That evening we searched for them at a church but the search was called off at midnight. We continued on Tuesday but were interrupted by the rain. Our biggest concern is that the river is now full and the water has risen. That hinders the police from going into the water to continue our searching operation. We are waiting for the water to subside,” Maheso said.

The police, however, found a sweater that is believed to belong to one of the children. “We cannot confirm that it belongs to any of the children at this present moment,” said Maheso. Anyone with information regarding the missing children can report to the Mamelodi police station.

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