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Dispute on hospital care

Post on Facebook about hospital care sparks arguments on social media.

A picture and post on Facebook about alleged poor healthcare at a hospital sparked arguments and dispute on social media.

On Tuesday, Marlene du Plessis posted a picture of her mother’s bruised arm, complaining about the aftercare she received at Netcare Montana Hospital.

“The treatment she received at the ER and in ICU was excellent. The doctor really saved her life. The service was fantastic, but aftercare was terrible,” Du Plessis told Rekord.

In her post on Facebook she said it was her mother’s second stay at the hospital, and she expressed her dissatisfaction.

“Her paralysed arm is purple from top to bottom, as it keeps going in-between the bed rails,” she explained.

Du Plessis said her mother’s left side was completely paralysed and she could not keep her arm or leg from falling off the bed.

“The least they could do is put a few pillows between her and the railing,” she said.

Netcare Montana Hospital responded swiftly to the allegation of poor healthcare.

“We have been engaging with the family continuously,” said hospital general manager, Dr Daan Slabbert.

“Netcare Montana Hospital respects patient confidentiality. The patient in this instance has not granted permission for us to disclose her information to the media,” Slabbert responded to an enquiry from Rekord.

“We are, however, able to provide you with a brief educational response. In cases where individuals are being treated with certain blood thinning medications, it is usual for these patients to bruise very easily. Elderly individuals are particularly vulnerable.”

Netcare Montana Hospital continues to engage with the family in this regard.

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