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Summer beauty sorted with these handy tips and tricks

Apart from glowing skin, a tan and a new bathing suit you should also make sure your nails look on point.

Summer is here and so is everyone’s favourite time of the year, the holiday season. Can we get a whoop whoop! Apart from glowing skin, a tan and a new bathing suit you should also make sure your nails look on point. Kathleen Mavhunga, owner of The Beauty Studio shares some nail advice.

She says it’s important to know when to do a fill and when to replace the whole set. One only needs to go once for the first set, then for a two week fill then finally a three-week fill, this routine will save you lots of money especially with all the summer specials popping up.

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Here are a few more tips:

*Choose a length that best works for you

*Choose a colour that you know you can fill with

*Soak off should be done with a professional nail tech as you can damage your nails if done incorrectly *Invest in products: a cuticle oil and hand cream, so that the nails stay hydrated and grow healthy

*With so many products to choose from we can always find something that works best for you be it lacquer, gel, acrylic, just depends on the style length and colour

By following Kathleen’s advice some of the benefits may include:

*Room for natural nails to grow *First set should last two weeks before the next fill

*Nails look beautiful and no chipping

*Glowing skin is also a must. Kathleen says that, skin is very important to look good one should start by trying to recognise their skin type, for example, dry vs dehydrated skin Dry skin and dehydrated skin are not the same, so what differentiates these two?

Dry skin

Dry skin is caused due to lack of lipids or what we call a compromised skin barrier. The lipids level is lacking due to harsh products, environmental aggressors or health concerns

Dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin is the lack of moisture, not oil. Which means water is lacking both internally and externally. Dehydrated skin is extremely problematic affecting all genders and all skin types.

Resolving skincare issues is very important to make sure you glowing whether you on the beach or on a staycation exploring the local spots. One should consider a facial to help with dry or dehydrated skin the following are usually the best to help treat these skin types, deep cleanse facial, radiance boost facial and rejuvenation facial.

To complete the summer glow, Kathleen encourages getting a tan however one should bear the below in mind to ensure the best results:

*Exfoliate prior to your tan

*Shave prior your tan

*Apply barrier cream

*Avoid wearing socks and closed shoes after your tan to allow the tan to develop properly on your feet

*Avoid wearing tight clothes for five hours

Details: thebeautystudio.co.za.

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