How to keep your kids busy on a road trip

Planning a family road trip for the holidays? Keep the kids entertained with these three tips.

Are we almost there yet? Avoid hearing this question over and over again on your next road trip, with these five tips to keep the kids happy and busy:

Create an activity book

Fill a flip file or folder with some pages of activities. Look for colouring-in pictures of your child’s favourite animated character or favourite animal, as well as free kids’ puzzles. Print them all out and put them in the folder. Remember to pack a pencil case with crayons.

Stock up on podcasts and audiobooks

There are tons of child-friendly audiobooks and podcasts and many of them are free. Download them onto your USB stick or simply stream them in the car for hours of entertainment. Some of our favourites include The Past and The Curious, The Thrilling Adventure Hour and Aaron’s World.

I spy with my little eye…

Games are a great opportunity for the whole family to get involved. Give everyone a sheet of paper and pen. Decide on a timeframe and write down all the things you see along the road. The person with the longest list, wins. Make the game a little more educational, by getting the kids to look at the various number plates they see on passing cars and writing down where the number plates are from. You might need Google to help you from time to time!


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