6 decking ideas we love

Versatile and natural looking, decking can be used just about anywhere from pool surrounds to entertaining areas. Here are six clever ways to make the most of it.

1. As a lawn replacement


s grass didn’t grow well in this narrow garden off a cluster home, the owner asked the team at The Friendly Plant for help. They decided to remove the grass and replace it with low maintenance composite decking that needs no special treatment. A firepit was installed at one end and the curved built-in seating not only creates a social atmosphere, it softens the rectangular shape.

2. To gain a view

Sometimes the only way to make the most of a view is with a deck. Blok Designs designed and installed this one jutting out from the top of a building on Durban’s Berea. A shatterproof glass barrier ensures that the cityscape can be fully enjoyed.

3. A pool surround

Soft underfoot and relatively non-slip, decking makes a great pool surround. It works particularly well in small spaces as it can be installed to give a very neat seamless look.  

4. To accommodate a slope


Decking is one of the easiest ways to create level areas for dining and entertaining in the garden. This deck extends off the covered veranda, surrounds the pool and then as the garden slopes, drops down by means of wide steps (which double as seating) to the lawn below. Design by Union 3.

5. To add character


To add interest to this flat Cape Town garden and provide an entertaining area, Living Gardens Landscaping installed a raised deck accessed by a series of timber steps. Cantilevered over the pool, the deck features a balau pavilion where adults can socialise while keeping an eye on children in the pool.

6. To extend an entertainment area


As they don’t need extensive foundations, decks are a great way to extend outdoor living areas on a sloping site. Here a new deck, built on stilts, doubles the entertaining space and enhances the view. The design accommodates an existing tree which provides welcome shade.  

Photos by: Andrea Caldwell, Sally Chance and Karl Rogers.

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