Essential Oils for winter

Essential oils support overall health and wellbeing but they also boost your ability to fight germs.

Fight the winter colds and flu

Eucalyptus: clears breathing passageways and can protect against colds.

Ginger: stimulates the immune system, warms the winter chills and cools the body by inducing sweating.

Lavender: clears congestion, stuffiness and soothes respiratory and throat disorders; it can also help you sleep at night.

Marjoram: eases respiratory disorders, colds, flu and sinusitis.

Peppermint: clears the sinuses and improves breathing; it also helps with headaches.

Pine: fights infections, relieves congestion and improves breathing.

Rosemary: relieves respiratory disorders.

Tea Tree: relieves respiratory disorders and fights bacteria and viruses.

* Source: Supplied by SOiL      

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