Celebrating GWM’s Haval H6

Haval and its Chinese manufacturer have come a long way.

Perhaps not in years, but most certainly in terms of quality, safety and the technology which are built into its cars.

As part of its celebrations, Haval has released the Haval H6 Supreme+ and Haval H6S. The Haval H6 is a top-seller and legendary in China boasting no fewer than 3.5 million satisfied owners.

The new generation is built on the L.E.M.O.N. platform which, says Haval, “makes it more intelligent, delivers improved performance and offers features like full-scene automatic parking, updated 2.0GDIT engine, second generation 7DCT transmission and chassis system and improved fuel efficiency”.

“The new H6 is leading the development of industry technology and will expand its reputation as an ‘international legendary vehicle’.”

Haval South Africa is certainly expanding its footprint and sales are, according to one local dealer we spoke to, really excellent!

Source: QuickPic

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