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SACBW hosts meeting

Follow up on leads and keep relationships in tact in order to market your business successfully.

SECUNDA – The South African Council for Business Women hosted a meeting on 12 May at the Kruik Café.

Ms Ancois van Zyl, chairwoman, welcomed everybody and Ms Alta Bezuidenhout, owner of Kruik Café, served coffee and refreshments.

Ms Van Zyl talked about how to market your business successfully.

She said the three main role players are clients, referral partners and mentors.

“Building relationships are crucial in marketing your business.

“The five steps towards successful marketing are the following:

– Begin with the end in mind by creating a business plan.

– Create a positive marketing plan.

– Be authentic and surround yourself with like-minded people.

– Make time to commit to values.

– Follow up on leads and keep relationships intact.”

Ms Van Zyl further said to create a Swot analysis for your business, as this will help you to be on top of changes regarding markets and your business.

The Businesswoman of the Year entries will close on 31 May.

Ms Van Zyl asked members to let the council know about upcoming projects.

The focus of the SACBW this year is on marketing.

The next meeting will take place on 21 July.

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