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DD aims to empower their peers

“We were panicking and the only thing we were concerned about was to get her to the hospital.”

eMBALENHLE – Distraction Dynamics’ goal is to change the way the youth behaves and how they are perceived by their parents.

Ms Baby Khumalo, a founder, is called a visionary by her peers and she said the group began with a small number of young people who became worried about the way their peers behave.

“They are mostly found in shebeens and taverns, and that worried us.

“When the Department of Heath released its statistics, Govan Mbeki Municipality had the highest number of youths with HIV/Aids and teenage pregnancy,” said Ms Khumalo.

He and his friends decided it was time to do something about the issue.

Mr Sibusiso (DJ Omee) Siteto said the youth can entertain themselves in a safer way which will also empower them to expose their talents.

Distraction Dymanic youths said they are also concerned about how they are channelled to do things.

“Most companies only sponsor those youths who excel in mathematics and science.

“What about those who are not good in these subjects, but are talented and gifted in arts?

“Nobody says anything about them,” said Ms Khumalo.

They further mentioned that youths still have the perception that in order for one to succeed in arts, they should relocate to Gauteng because of lack of sponsors in the area.

The group does not concentrate on entertainment only, but also does voluntarily work over weekends during which they visit the elderly who live alone and those who are neglected.

“We have a list of elderly people in eMbalenhle and we clean their houses and wash their clothes over weekendw without expecting any compensation,” said Ms Khumalo.

She also shared their previous week’s experience when they visited two elderly women who were ill and had them admitted to Evander Hospital.

They said one was unconscious when they arrived and they had to make arrangements for transport to take her to the hospital.

On their arrival at the hospital, they were also met with challenges.

“We were panicking and the only thing we were concerned about was to get her to the hospital.

“We did not think about the woman’s documents, including her identity document.

“We did not have them and were told to either get the police or an affidavit from the police,” said Ms Khumalo who further mentioned that they often use their pocket money to buy things for the elderly such as cleaning detergents.

Ms Khumalo said most of the members of Distraction Dynamic are unemployed youth who have certificates and are some are high school pupils.

They have dance groups, DJs, sound engineers, poets, models, traditional dancers and film directors and some of their movies were showed on Lokshin Bioskop on Soweto TV.

Their biggest challenge is a lack of equipment such as sound equipment projectors and lights.

Ms Khumalo said that they need first aid training, because they are working with the elderly.

One of their biggest problems is that they cannot find a free venue where they can meet.

Most of the community halls are always fully booked over weekends which often leaves them with no choice but to meet or perform at taverns.

Those who would like to contact Distraction Dynamic for more information or to assist them, can contact Ms Khumalo at 072 927 9685 or Mr Siteto at 079 568 7719.

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