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Less stress when you’re moving

Moving is one of life's most stressful events. Here are some tips to make your move a productive one.

Compile an inventory

Have a detailed inventory with the number of boxes and the content of each box. Labelling each box as you pack it, will make unpacking easier. Be specific: Labelling a box as pots is better than labelling it kitchen.

Have a packing station

keep it together

Having all the items you need, such as a marker pen and box tape in a central area will make the packing process easier. Items that you can keep at the packing station should include:

  • all lists
  • scissors
  • labels
  • bubble wrap
  • packing paper (avoid printed newspaper as it could stain items with ink)

Too much is better than not enough

It is better to have too many supplies and boxes than not enough, as running out of these items will cause a delay in your packing process. Have approximately ten boxes set aside for last minute items that can only be packed on the day of moving, such as bedding, clothes and cleaning supplies.

Keep things that belong together, together

If a household item is used in conjunction with something else, keep these items together. For example appliances should be packed together with their detachable parts. Place all screws, bolts or small parts into a resealable plastic bag or envelope and tape it to the piece of furniture or corresponding appliance they come from. This includes accessories such as remote controls and extension cords.

Colour coding helps

coloured stickers

An easy way to see where each box goes is to assign each room in your new home a colour and mark each box or item with a sticker of the corresponding colour.

Personal and important items

Have each member of your family pack a bag containing all the personal items they will want immediate access to when arriving at their new home such as cellphones, toiletries and pyjamas. Also have a bag or box that contains all valuable items and important documents, which you can keep safe and in easy reach at all times.

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