Continental pushing safety boundaries

The German company that introduced the first-generation anti-lock braking system 50 years ago, Continental, is continuing to focus on automotive safety.

International partners of the Global NCAP #StopTheCrash campaign, Continental Tyres South Africa participated in the event as part of its commitment to its Vision Zero initiative which aims to eliminate road accident injuries. The event took place at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit during May and showcased technologies developed to advance crash avoidance. With the support of the Automobile Association of South Africa, the #StopTheCrash event took place in support of the United Nations Global Goals and the Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Some of the technologies showcased were Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) in both motor vehicles and motorcycles. “The technologies promoted by #StopTheCrash have the potential to save thousands of lives every year and the UN has developed international standards to help encourage countries around the world to mandate these life-saving technologies,” Shaun Uys, Managing Director of Continental Tyre SA.

The initiative also emphasized on the importance of tyre inspection and maintenance, recommending that vehicle owners replace tyres at 3mm of remaining tread depth instead of the South African legislated amount of 1mm to avoid the risk of aquaplaning and prolonged stopping distances in wet conditions. “We are also committed to educating vehicle owners about the importance of tyre care and maintenance, and the extreme dangers of using worn, under-inflated or damaged tyres. Continental conducts extensive testing in all types of driving conditions around the world, and one of the most crucial aspects of driving safety is the condition of the vehicle’s tyres.” Uys added.

Continental is continuously developing new safety systems and has been at the fore-front of propagating for safety systems such as Electronic Stability Control to be made accessible to all. This year Continental revealed its Conti C.A.R.E. tyre technology which utilises ContiSense sensors built into the structure of the tyres to continuously evaluate data concerning tread depth, possible damage, tyre temperature and tyre pressure. With the attained data, vehicle owners can monitor their tyres with the web-based ContiConnect Live application and boost the performance of their tyres and optimise costs. Also, Continental showcased its PressureProof technology which with the means of centrifugal pumps built into the wheel, maintains ideal tyre pressures to improve efficiency.

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