Lowveld downpours dictate cautious driving

It is astounding to observe the reckless driving habits of many drivers during heavy rainstorms. Remember, although your car is fitted with the latest and greatest of safety systems, it provides no accident-free guarantee.

Advanced technology is but just part of what is required to ensure a safe trip during difficult driving conditions. Water does not only obscure road markings but also potholes and other road hazards.

The driver’s skill, awareness, ability and above all, attitude to assess all possible challenges, are critical.

While driving in extreme weather is best avoided, if you do have to venture out, Ford shares the following reminders:

• Make sure your windscreen wipers are in good condition.
• Check your tyres. Tyre inflation as well as the tread depth need to be checked regularly.
• Turn on your headlamps.
• Defog your windscreen.
• Plan your journey.
• Keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists.
• Remember to slow down.
• Avoid driving through puddles.
• Beware of standing water.
• Be careful when overtaking.
• Avoid driving through flood waters.
• Stop driving in heavy rain. Pick a safe spot to stop and wait out the storm as everyone else’s visibility will also be drastically reduced.
• Always keep an emergency wet weather kit in your car.

Source: MotorPress

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