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August wind claims car in Witpoortjie

Another vehicle damaged by Roodepoort trees falling.

The De Jagers almost finished their Friday shopping trip when a tree fell and smashed their vehicle on 30 August.

Kobus and Moneen de Jager made their last stop at the Witpoortjie Pharmacy on Generaal Pienaar Street at around 11am. Kobus, having recently had surgery on his shoulder, stayed in the Tata Indica parked in front of the Witpoortjie Spar. He was busy speaking to street vendor Peter Williams when they heard a snap and the tree fell on the right-hand side of the vehicle, smashing the windscreen.

Kobus de Jager says that the other visible damage he could find on the car includes dents in the roof and on the driver-side door. Luckily, he was sitting in the passenger seat.

“I saw the tree falling and I was worried about my car.

“I’m just so thankful that my wife wasn’t in the car at the time,” De Jager said, looking at the shattered glass in the vehicle.

The couple stays in Mindalore and was offered a lift home by the Help24 towtruck that arrived on scene minutes later.

JMPD officers Combrinck and Du Toit were in the vicinity and came over to offer help, saying that City Parks employees have been scratching teams together to deal with fallen trees in the Roodepoort area on Friday, but that they might come out to Generaal Pienaar Street later the afternoon.

Another motorist Eli Kelly Makgamo’s vehicle, a red Fiat Uno, was also affected by the incident, having been scratched on the front passenger door and hood.

“I hurt my shoulder slightly when I jumped out of the car,” De Jager said.

The Tata vehicle was towed by 12 noon.

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