Porsche Classic is building new parts for 50-year-old models

The historic German automaker is catering to the needs of classic car enthusiasts by building new parts for old models.

The F and G series with two-litre, 2.2-litre, 2.4-litre and 2.7-litre engines, including the iconic 911 Carrera RS 2.7, which celebrated its 50th-anniversary last year, will benefit from the reissued crankcases that can now be ordered from any Porsche Classic partner or dealership worldwide. The crankcase is a vital component of the engine, housing the crankshaft.

According to Ulrike Lutz, the director of Porsche Classic, the reissued parts will allow for the construction of brand-new engines for most classic 911 models, filling a gap in their spare parts range. Porsche Classic is also working on replicas of crankcases for other generations of the 911.

For the past two years, Porsche has also been producing aluminium crankcases for larger-engine 911 models from the 1990s, by reproducing the Group C racing engine of the Porsche 962. The data set required for machining the blanks was obtained from old engine drawings and production-related data, in addition to interviewing former and current staff about design details. The experts also sifted through the company archive for parts lists and technical information.

Porsche is continually expanding its product portfolio, including lifestyle and accessory products that enhance the comfort and day-to-day usability of their vehicles or allow customers to personalise their cars. The latest infotainment systems from Porsche, which are particularly popular, now allow modern smartphones to connect and integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In addition, the brand is tapping into the ‘performance parts’ segment to increase the performance and agility of their vehicles or prepare them for use on the track. Examples of new product developments include the performance suspensions for the 996 generation of the 911 and the Porsche 959, developed in close collaboration with Manthey Racing. Popular parts such as the performance steering wheels and Fuchs rims are also available for newer vehicles like the Porsche 911 (996 generation).

Porsche’s commitment to preserving its heritage and supporting its older vehicles has made them a favourite among classic car enthusiasts and collectors. With the reissued crankcases and expanding product range, this division of Porsche is ensuring that its legacy continues for years to come.

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