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This week’s tech must-haves.

Park it

Kaching is a fabulous app that uses Patented License Recognition (PLR) technology to open the boom when you arrive and leave a parking lot – what a pleasure. You simply sign up, securely link your credit card and it automatically deducts the fee from your credit card. You don’t need cash or a ticket so it’s safe and convenient. Look out for the Kaching signs in various shopping centres around South Africa. Download the free app on the Apple iStore or Google Play Store. See for more information.  

Circle of light

Tired of seeing yourself in a bad light during your Zoom calls? Perhaps it’s time to get some professional help with a LED Selfie Video Ring Light.

Here’s what to look for if you want to amp up your vlogs or create your own photo studio:

  • Ask yourself if you need the full set or one to clip on to your laptop
  • Look for one with two or three lighting modes plus dimming action
  • You need an adjustable tripod stand with a universal mobile holder
  • It must be lightweight and easy to transport
  • Opt for a double lamp ring light to protect your eyes from direct light so they don’t hurt.
  • Look at your space: the ring light should ideally be placed about two feet in front of you, but play around a bit to see what you like best.
  • Chat to tech retailers or shop online for the best deal.

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