Yeah – it is Easter, let’s hit the road!

The exuberance that comes with a breakaway can be shattered if one does not prepare properly.

South African roads become truly populated during the Easter holiday and accidents can and do happen all too frequently, so how does one lessen the risks?

Dewald Ranft, the chairperson of the Motor Industry Workshop Association, says all drivers need to take responsibility for their vehicles and the way they behave on the road to reduce the accident rate. Major contributory factors to the Easter season fatal crashes include speeding, overtaking when it is not safe to do so, fatigue, overloading and tyre bursts.

“The first issue that needs to be addressed is vehicles that have not been serviced and are not roadworthy attempting to make long road trips. These vehicles are a hazard, not only to the passengers inside them but to other drivers too. A tyre blow-out, for example, can result in pieces of rubber flying up onto the road, hitting other vehicles and causing accidents as drivers swerve to avoid the debris,” says Ranft.

It is thus advisable that you take your vehicle to the nearest service provider to check your brakes, tyres inclusive of your spare wheel, oil and fluid levels and windscreen wipers.

Also important is to take rest breaks every two hours. This will help to keep your alertness sharp and responsive to predict and avoid possible dangerous conditions.

Consider and apply these tips:

  • Ensure that you get enough sleep before you leave
  • Plan, plan and plan things like routes, rest stops, and fuelling.
  • Get your car inspected
  • Charge your mobile phone and please refrain from using it while you drive.
  • Seatbelts are a must. Using seat belts is important for any road journey – in both the front seat and the back seat. Children under 12 should ideally be secured in a back seat.
  • Rain and slippery roads – slow down, increase following distances and avoid driving through standing water.
  • Stop in a safe spot – If you do need to rest, avoid suspicious areas and keep all your doors locked. Where possible, rather pull over to a designated rest stop or roadside restaurant. Always remember to keep your valuables out of sight and to lock your car.

So there you have it. Apply these at least and have an accident-free Easter.

Source: Cathy Findley PR




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