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Salty water a health hazard to humans

Babies and children are particularly at risk.

DON’T be tempted to drink the salty water!

That is the advice of a Port Shepstone general practitioner who has consulted a biochemist about the current high saline levels in the Ugu District Municipality water supply.

“As you know, people lost at sea can’t drink the sea water or they would die,” he said.

Although the exact saline concentration of the water supply is not known, the sodium could accumulate in the body and build up an excess in one’s system.

This in turn could place pressure on the kidneys, cause water retention and lead to hypertension.

He explained that high salinity levels in the water were particularly dangerous for small children and babies, people suffering from hypertension and people whose kidney functions were compromised.

The doctor was very concerned about mothers of babies who could not afford bottled water and who might be tempted to use the salty water to make up baby formula. This would be extremely dangerous, he said.

He also pointed out that high salinity levels of water in drinking bowls could compromise pets’ health and warned against topping up koi or fish ponds with salty water.

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