Applause for unsung heroes

Security service providers on the South Coast play an invaluable role in keeping communities safe, and these unsung heroes often go unacknowledged. They are on call 24-7 in a protective role, so families can go about their daily lives, safe in the knowledge that these ‘guardian angels’ are close by in case of an emergency. During the festive season, these heroes not only kept locals safe, but the many holidaymakers who visit the area for much needed relaxation and restoration. While these service providers ensure suburbs and businesses areas are and remain crime-free, it’s also important for the public to think safety first, at all times. It’s as simple as knowing your neighbour, security services and community-based crime prevention initiatives available in your area. It’s imperative that you have their contact details on hand, to reach them in case of an emergency. Also, become part of crime prevention programmes, such as neighbourhood watches or community policing forums initiated by the police and community. Safety starts at home too. Ensure that all doors, including security and garage doors are locked at all times, and that windows are closed when you inside or not at home. Ensure that the area around your house is clear of bushes and possible hiding places for criminals. Be vigilant at all times, and know what to do if you notice suspicious-looking persons or vehicle in your neighbourhood. Also, do not react blindly to any suspicious activities, especially at night. So, the next time you see a security officer in your area, acknowledge them by greeting them, knowing that they are there for you.