Give your bathroom personality

Accessories play a large part in setting the mood and style of a bathroom. Here are some tips from Bathroom Butler on how to give yours the latest looks.

Classic Hollywood

Inspired by the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood, create this sophisticated look by combining a classic black and white subway tiles with stainless steel accessories. Add some vintage furniture, colourful pop art and if you have something smooth, try placing something textured next to it. For example contrast the clean lines of the accessories with the organic shape of the flowers.

Midnight Glam


To achieve a mysterious effect, make use of darker colours. Opt for charcoal grey floor and wall tiles or incorporate the 2018 Pantone Colour of the year Ultra Violet. Accentuate this with these Polished Rose Gold accessories.

Pure White


This look embraces a more centred, calm lifestyle with a sense of wellbeing. Combine white subway tiles with soft neutral hues like pale greys. Incorporating organic elements such as a light wooden floor will add warmth. Complement this with Polished Stainless Steel accessories.

Family Bathroom


To achieve this look, combine trendy white marble floor tiles with pale grey or pale blue walls. These neutral hues will add a sense of relaxation. Include innovative storage solutions and bathroom accessories to enhance functionality. Complement the overall design with their Polished Stainless Steel accessories.

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