Grooming mistakes men make

Wondering why you aren’t getting the best out of your grooming routine? Here are five common mistakes guys make …

You want to look your best, but life is busy and some days, all you can manage is the basics, like shower and maybe shave. We get it! An involved skincare routine can feel like a chore. But according to Themba Ndlovu from male beauty brand Clere For Men, simply avoiding the common mistakes below will go a long way towards helping you look and feel better.

Not moisturising before bed – It’s easy to think that as day turns to night, and you’ve washed your face, you can put your grooming regime to bed. However, cleansing (which is important to strip away dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria) can leave your complexion dry. Moisturising is important as it provides the necessary hydration required for the skin to repair itself while you sleep. To help the process along, invest in a solid moisturising lotion or cream containing skin-saving ingredients like glycerine, and vitamins A & E.

Your showers are too hot – Few things are more relaxing than a long, hot shower. However, too hot and your skin will pay the price. Scalding temperatures dry out the skin and can aggravate a range of issues such as rosacea and eczema. It’s time to chill out. If a cold shower is too much of a leap, why not opt for a lukewarm one?

You don’t wash your hair often enough – A combination of natural oils and styling products means that our hair and scalp need washing more often than we think. A pristine scalp is a healthy scalp, so use a daily shampoo that strengthens your individual hairs and keeps your scalp clean using natural ingredients.

Your razor is outdated – Worn down, rusty blades are a no-no. Most razor heads have done their best work after a few uses and to ignore their expiration will cause your skin all sorts of problems, including burning, itching, stinging and redness. Sharp blades require less pressure on the skin and therefore cause less damage, so either change yours regularly or opt for an electric razor, with cutters that last between four and 18 months.

Unkempt feet – It’s understandable that the areas of your body you see the least receive the least care, but that’s no excuse for unkempt feet. The easiest way to make your feet look semi-presentable in open shoes is to take a foot file to any unsightly calluses and patches of dry or hard skin. Plus, moisturise – always moisturise.

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