Three must-have eco-friendly home cleaning products

Start the new year with good, green cleaning habits.

On average, we spend roughly 17 500 hours in our lifetime cleaning our home. That’s about 2 years exposed to detergents and chemicals found in many home cleaning products.

These chemicals could impact our health and may be linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption, accidental poisoning in children or pets.

Opting for eco-friendly alternatives is therefore a no-brainer, especially if it is a product that has been around for more than 20 years! Take a look at some of Earthsap’s three must-have cleaners to keep your whole house sparkling.

All-in-one kitchen cleaner

Safe to use on countertops, sinks, tiles, metal and just about any other work surface, Earthsap’s All-purpose Cream Scrub is the ultimate kitchen cleaner. Use it to degrease and remove stains without scratching surfaces, eliminate mould and mildew thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and dissolve grime build up in microwaves. Price: R54.99

Guilt-free dishwashing liquid

Rest assured that your dishes will be beautifully clean while doing no harm to the environment with Earthsap’s Dishwashing Liquid. Gentle on your hands and suitable for mild to sensitive skin, the liquid is safe for you, your children and pets and the planet thanks to natural ingredients. Price: 59.99

Lemon-fresh bathroom goals

Get rid of that pesky mildew while cleaning and disinfecting all bathroom surfaces without worrying about yellowing or scratching with Earthsap’s Citrus Bathroom Cleaner. Bonus: your bathroom will not only be squeaky clean, but will also have a soft citrus scent. Price: R69.99

Details: Available at Wellness Warehouse, Faithful to Nature and selected Spars and Pick ‘n Pays.

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