Sustainable wine – why it’s better for you, the planet and the economy

Three reasons to raise a glass of sustainable wine to World Environmental Health Day this month.  

Sustainability – we hear it everywhere…and now it’s what you should be looking for in your next glass of wine too. Wine Cellar explains why this is not only a delicious choice, but an important one too. 

Sustainable wine takes the following questions into consideration: 

  1. People: How are workers compensated and supported? Does the production process have a positive or negative impact on the community?
  2. Planet: How are the grapes farmed? Careful consideration is given to soil health, use of pesticides, land regeneration and packaging,
  3. Prosperity: What is the economic outlook of the winery? Is it set up in a way that ensures a long-term future?

South Africa is setting the standard for sustainable wine practices the world over, with two-thirds of Fairtrade wines produced in the world being from South Africa. Also, 60% of the country’s wine producers are IPW certified (they voluntarily meet the standards of environmental sustainability in the growing of grapes and the making of wine). Choosing to meet these standards is a no-brainer if you consider the following benefits of a sustainable winery:

  • A healthy vineyard requires less intervention to produce good wine. 
  • Established organic vineyards are more drought resistant and thus require less water. 
  • The lack of chemicals is much better for the human body, as well as for the immediate environment and biodiversity at large.

What better way to celebrate World Environmental Health Day on 22 September than with a glass of sustainable wine? Let’s toast to making better wine choices for yourself and the environment…cheers. 

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