Omoda C5 pioneers a new Chinese luxury brand available in SA

The Omoda brand marks a new era for Chery International and the first model offers 'future-proof' technology in a luxury five-door physique.

“Omoda is a new, modern and luxurious new vehicle brand that showcases what can be done when a brand is not hindered by legacy technology or design,” says Chery South Africa executive deputy general manager Tony Liu who adds that the Omoda C5 will be the first model in its range.

The C5 will be available at 30 pre-selected dealerships from the middle of April. The cyberpunk crossover SUV pioneers a fleet that caters to every aspect of motoring and showcases a new design language called ‘Art in Motion’. The sleek lines, contorted flank and boldface are highlights of the car’s exterior. Punctuating the design are features such as a wedge-shaped roofline spanning from the bonnet to the rear quarter, striking arrow-shaped LED lights and a honeycomb front grille array.

Image: Chery.

“The Omoda C5 looks like nothing else on the market. Its design, both inside and out, has been untethered from tradition and offers something fresh and unique.”

At its core, the Omoda C5 is founded on Chery’s T1X platform that seeks to offer the muscular crossover SUV with a sports car-like grip without the harsh ride found in many sports-car offerings. The T1X platform is highlighted as having an industry-leading weight and rigidity rating. The interior echoes the modern aspirations promised by the exterior. Akin to many luxury interiors, the Omoda C5’s interior is dominated by the existence of ambient lighting, a seamless centre console and a seamless dual integrated 10.2-inch screen.

Image: Chery.

“In South Africa, as in other countries that have introduced Omoda, we have employed an entirely new team with new ideas to build the Omoda brand and community. Nothing is off the table, and anything goes, as long as our Omoda customers feel the benefit,” explains Liu.

Pricing on the model is yet to be released although speculation is that it may be positioned anywhere around the half-a-million rand mark. Prospective buyers can expect official pricing towards its official launch or its 13th of April unveiling.

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