Wesley Botton
Chief sports writer
1 minute read
9 Apr 2016
5:26 pm

Murray to return home for surgery

Wesley Botton

"I have two broken bones in my hand and a severed clavicle."

Richard Murray. (Photo by Roger Sedres/Gallo Images)

Olympic medal contender Richard Murray will be sidelined for at least six weeks with a broken collarbone after crashing on the bike leg of the World Triathlon Series race in Gold Coast, Australia, on Saturday.

“I have two broken bones in my hand and a severed clavicle,” Murray said after being released from hospital.

The Commonwealth Games bronze medallist, who finished second in the World Triathlon Series opener in Abu Dhabi last month, took a big knock ahead of the Rio Games in August.

“I took the corner with too much speed and didn’t brake enough. I hit the barrier (at the side of the road), breaking my hand, and then my foot hit. I went over the bars and landed on my head,” he said.

A determined Murray got up and climbed back on the bike. After realising his rear tyre was flat and the handlebars were bent, he withdrew from the race.

“Off home tomorrow for surgery and I’ll be out for six to eight weeks at least,” he said.

Murray would miss out on his home leg of the global triathlon series, in Cape Town on April 23 and 24, though he expected to turn out again on the international circuit in the build-up to the Rio Games.