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20 Dec 2016
10:29 am

Sneaky ‘friend’ tries to sell photo of Michael Schumacher

Sport Staff

Police in south Germany confirm they're investigating an 'unknown person' selling photos of the ailing F1 legend to the highest bidder.

Legions of fans and celebs are supporting Michael Schumacher but no-one knows how healthy he really is. Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images.

A “friend” of Michael Schumacher is trying to give the world a glimpse into his current condition … whilst also making lots of money.

Various European media outlets have reported the individual is allegedly trying to sell a photograph of the legendary F1 driver recovering at his home in Switzerland for approximately R17.5 million.

Schumacher’s health has been a mystery since he sustained major brain injuries after a skiing accident in December 2013.

The “friend” had apparently taken a camera with him during a visit and secretly snapped a few shots before “smuggling” the images out of the house and selling them to bidders.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Offenburg, a town in the south of Germany close to the Swiss border, confirmed an “unknown person” was trying to sell photographs of Schumacher.

Police are investigating.

Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s manager, remained mum on any details regarding his health.

“Michael’s health is not a public issue and therefore we will not comment on it,” she said.

Schumacher was in a chemically-induced coma for six months before returning to his home, where he reportedly still remains paralysed.

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