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6 Apr 2017
7:06 pm

WATCH: David Luiz gives John Terry the ‘Nutcracker’ treatment

Sport Staff

The former Chelsea captain gets hit in an awkward spot during training but then has to endure even more pain when 'Dr' Luiz swoops in!

John Terry was on the receiving end of a dodgy way to treat a blow to the, erm, balls. Photo: Instagram.

If you’re a footballer and get hit on your private parts by a ball, there’s only one man who can soothe the pain: David Luiz.

Chelsea veteran John Terry on Thursday posted an awkward video on Instagram where his Brazilian teammate administers his crude cure.

The 36-year-old defender appeared to have nursed a blow on his testicles by checking if everything is okay.

And suddenly, Luiz swoops in to, erm, rub salt in the wound…

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