Tamlyn Patterson
3 minute read
12 May 2017
1:46 pm

Imagine being miserable 365 days a year

Tamlyn Patterson

So much for keeping the peace… The Special One was in top form again last week in the build up to Sunday’s clash between Arsenal and Manchester United.

Tamlyn Patterson

Prior to kick off, he claimed that he and old foe Arsene Wenger had established a sense of peace. Well this was hit right out the park, or the Emirates, minutes after the Gunners beat the Red Devils 2-0 to narrow the gap to just five points between fifth and sixth on the log.

Well, of all the garbage that came out his mouth, he got one thing right. We Arsenal fans were over the moon, not that it was dished out on a silver platter like he suggests. But as infuriating as he is, his quotes never disappoint when it comes to pure entertainment. “Arsenal fans are happy and I’m happy for them. It’s the first time I leave Highbury or Emirates and they’re happy. I left Highbury, they were crying. I left the Emirates, they were crying. They were walking the streets with heads low.”

And as if life can’t get any worse for Gunners fans, he added: “Finally today they sing, they (wave) their scarves. It’s nice for them”. Well, yes thank you mister Mourinho, Sunday was rather pleasant. Adding to the toe-curling delight was former United forward Danny Welbeck burying his header to end his former club’s unbeaten run in 25 league games.

Oh, but before we forget, it was a weakened team because apparently tonight’s Europa League semifinal second leg against Celta Vigo is way more important than sealing a top-four spot in the Premier League.

As a colleague of mine mentioned: rocking up at the Emirates with a team featuring eight changes will blow up in your face. And didn’t it just?That didn’t stop Jose from carrying on with his tirade, having a dig or few at Arsene. After downplaying all the fuss surrounding their normally heated touchline powwows, he just couldn’t help himself.

He accused Wenger of not only putting too much pressure on the fourth official, but also playing with a “defensive block” and “a line of five defenders”. The Arsenal boss was full of the joys of life in his post-match interview, even cracking a joke about possibly working for the BBC. In a world where protests dominate headlines, it didn’t take long for sport to spill over into politics.

During last month’s #ZumaMustFall national shutdown, a few #WengerOut banners were spotted in and around Joburg. This soon spread to all corners of the earth, another banner popping up in Leamington Spa in England. The occasion? A Jeremy Corbyn rally with less than a month to go until the UK’s snap general election on June 8. Being an avid Arsenal fan, it didn’t take long for him to spot the sign.

Corbyn, who is not only the same age as Wenger but also in the spotlight for the wrong reasons most of the time, went on to make a passionate plea to the young anti-Wenger protesters, begging them to give the Frenchman another chance. What is it with these greyhaired men in suits who just don’t know when to give up?