Sean Van Staden
1 minute read
26 Jul 2014
8:44 am

How to drink your way into a better body

Sean Van Staden

Now is a good time to start thinking about shedding those unwanted winter warmer love handles and extra padded cushioning saddlebags you have acquired over the winter. 

Sean van Staden

Summer is a stone’s throw away and the preparation work to fit into your bikini, mankini or Speedo starts now. Although, if you are considering the latter two, then I would question your sanity. 

In a quest to find simple tools or systems to help you lose weight, I came across a new research study done on the effect of consuming excessive water and weight loss. 

You have been always preached to that you must drink more water, but there has been very little statistical evidence researched that can help the fight in unwanted bulges… until now.