Sean Van Staden
5 minute read
6 Jan 2020
9:58 am

A Better You: The year of self-improvement

Sean Van Staden

Your number one goal that you need to focus on is keeping the momentum going, no matter how small the achievement, no matter how tough the obstacles, you MUST keep moving by taking the next step.

Welcome to the New Year 2020. It’s a weird number to look at and if you are old enough, I am sure you imagined when we reached this timeline, we would have flying cars, robot maids and hoverboards. The world has not yet produced these cool gadgets but make no mistake the world has made light year leaps in technology and the next 10 years are going to be unlike anything we have ever seen. I am sure you have your pen and paper out and busy writing down your New Year’s resolution like you do every year, but you...