Wesley Botton
Chief sports writer
2 minute read
26 Apr 2020
11:11 am

Even parents adapt to a virtual world

Wesley Botton

Many of the same lessons which can be learned on a sportsfield can be learned in a virtual contest.

Wesley Botton.

Our engines are revving as our names appear on the grid. My five-year-old daughter stares me down, a steely look in her eye. “Not today, dad,” she says. She glances back at the screen, her car sitting in pole position, and she looks at me again. “I’m going to beat you,” she whispers ominously. I’m terrified. We’re level at 2-2 in a five-race challenge and I’m pretty sure this kid has been letting me win. The light turns green and she slams it down from the start. Yip, she was letting me win. She crosses the finish line wellclear, and...