Sean Van Staden
5 minute read
21 Nov 2020
6:30 am

Sport in a ‘bubble’: How to build mental toughness

Sean Van Staden

Comedians, much like professional footballers, feed off their environment which enhances their performance.

Being able to perform on one's own without the feedback of a crowd or audience has a lot to do with self-motivation and mental toughness. Picture: iStock

There is not a professional sportsperson alive that would disagree how special it is to play in front of a crowd that is rooting for you. Home games are always the best because you have more fans attending your game and more fans cheering for you and your team’s success. Football has the biggest home advantage with a 57% greater chance of winning. NFL has a 7-10 percentage point difference and the NBA can have as much as a 14-point score difference to that of their rivals. If you know basketball, the score is often within a few points difference,...