John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
3 minute read
20 Jan 2021
8:16 am

Kerfuffle at Renault team takes centre stage

John Floyd

Abiteboul’s sudden exit leaves more questions than answers at renamed Alpine.

It is still unknown why Cyril Abiteboul left Renault. Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images.

You wouldn’t usually associate the name Bob Dylan with Formula One, but his famous song “The times they are a-changin” certainly rings true at the pinnacle of motorsport. Even though not all of them are that surprising, I did not expect the rapidity we are witnessing in the case of management within the sport. Recently the news broke on Cyril Abiteboul’s departure from the Renault team – it was not even the renamed Alpine yet – a move few of us would have predicted. The reason for this sudden decision is unknown. Abiteboul issued a brief statement: “I would like...