Sean Van Staden
4 minute read
20 Jun 2021
7:45 am

How ‘wearables’ are becoming game-changers in pro sport

Sean Van Staden

In the future, most well-being information will be automated, which will prompt players and athletes with feedback and advice to help guide behaviour. 

Modern technology like 'wearables' will help guide behaviour in future. Picture: iStock

We are living in a world where big data is going to help change lives for the better. There has been a remarkable advancement into 'wearable' technologies that measure heart rate, oxygen levels, step count, athlete energy expenditure, calories burnt, quality of sleep and mental state, and soon even blood pressure. 'Wearables' are fast becoming popular on a mass adoption level because with data and feedback, you can make better-calculated decisions regarding how hard you should push, when to recover and how to train smarter. When you add the Iot - internet of things - artificial intelligence, and super computers,...