Wesley Botton
Chief sports writer
2 minute read
9 Oct 2021
7:00 am

Spar champion Tadu Nare has the running world at her feet

Wesley Botton

The young Ethiopian runner has the style to go with the pace to become an icon of the running world.

Tadu Nare from Ethiopia has dominated the Spar women's 10km series. Picture: Reg Caldecott

Many years ago, when I was younger and less lazy, I remember my first coach teaching me how to run. Jan Greyling, an elderly man who taught at a nearby school, would stand at the top of a hill, send a group of us to the bottom, and we'd run up and down until he told us to stop. "Pump your arms!" he would yell, blowing a whistle when we got it wrong. "Lift your knees!" I don't do much arm pumping and knee lifting anymore, but I do still watch people run, and though Oom Jan's knowledge about technique...