Wesley Botton
Chief sports writer
2 minute read
19 Dec 2021
11:05 am

Sometimes we must bend the rules to know where they break

Wesley Botton

Last week's controversial finish has pushed the FIA to reassess the rule book and ensure the existing regulations are firm and fair.

Lewis Hamilton leads Max Verstappen in the early stages of last week's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Picture: Getty Images

Back when I was more sprightly and less grumpy, one of the girls in our high school had her opponents up in arms at a track and field meeting after using a unique tactic to win a race. Locked in a sprint for the line, instead of simply running through like everyone else, my friend flung out her arm just before the finish. And it caused all sorts of confusion. Our befuddled teachers had no idea what to do, and not being qualified athletics officials, they had to make a decision on the spot with the info they had on...